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Maria’s Workshop Update

We’re back at it! For those of you who have followed brave.Beautiful.BOLD’s Ministry, one of the primary goals is to empower women through skills and job training in an effort to transform their communities.

Starting in January, a select group of the neediest women from the village of Bugira started their official training in all things seamstress as well as necessary English language skills that will prove helpful to them in the future.

For some of these women, they are learning challenging skills at an age where it is difficult to pick up new skills. Yet, they persist.

For others, the possibilities are endless.

In the short time I’ve spent with these women, I am amazed at their ability to hope, smile, and believe incessantly despite the fact that their life is nowhere near perfect. Their children cry at night and cannot be consoled with a pacifier, or a bottle or even medicine because they cannot access these things. They’ve had their wet season take over their dry season, ruining any crops they had hoped to harvest. Most of them cannot afford school fees and have no food to put on the table or even a table for that matter. Yet, they persist.

Through Maria’s Workshop, these women have an incredible opportunity to learn skills that not only enable them to create beautiful things, but also the ability to provide for their family, the ability to take pride in the work of their hands, and most importantly, the ability to contribute to the betterment of an entire community and the future of their children. There cannot be a better investment.

Currently, we are in need of materials for training in sewing, toys and pacifiers for the toddlers that accompany their moms to work, and teaching materials for the women as they are seriously studying the Bible and the English language.

If you want to support this program, contact Lily for more info or donate directly at



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