Check out the videos below to see just some of the blessings in our Ministry!

Our Missionary Campus is a place of rest, comfort and shelter. It is where we share, have our meals, rest, do our devotionals and prepare as we get ready to serve the village people.

  • It comfortably fits a group of 24. 

  • Solar Electricity

  • Solar Hot Water Heaters

  • Room Accommodations

  • Large Social Areas

  • Laundry Machines 

  • 50,000 Patients Treated/care for

  • $18,000 usd. spent on treatments, meds, surgeries

  • Helped train, educate and employ 40 women in craft making, home making, sanitary hygiene, child care and spiritual aspects.

  • First Pentecostal Church in Village, led by local Pastor Nelson

  • First real building where people can gather to worship together

  • 26 people gave their lives to Christ in Feb 2021

  • 5 Weddings were officiated

  • 80 Children were dedicated to the Lord

  • Weekly Feeding Program for over 500 kids

  • 60 orphans sustained on a monthly basis with Food Essentials

  • 80 Kids sponsored to go to school in town for two years

  • Installed pipes for National Water, that provides water for entire Village.

  • Pay monthly village water bill 

  • 220 families received Solar Sets for electricity

  • 83 Households received bunk beds, mattresses, blankets

  • 600 families received chickens & avocado trees

  • Thousands of families were given clothing, shoes, soap, food essentials and Bibles

  • Built home for widow with 5 children

  • Repaired several homes for other needy families 

  • Built home for epileptic and blind orphan

  • First Primary School in Village area of over 5,000 kids, without an opportunity for an education

  • Capacity of 300 students

  • Free Education

  • Local Employment & Job Security

  • Nourishment

  • Life Changing Skills