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Impact our Future Makers

Why sponsor a child?

BBB Ministries believes children are the future. Your support today is the first step in bringing true, long term change in the lives of these children and their families.

  • 85% of rural Uganda live on less than $1 per day

  • Majority of children under 5 years of age suffer chronic malnourishment

  • Barely 30% of children will ever enroll in school

Bugira is a remote village in the south-west part of Uganda. We are about an hour away from the Rwandan border. We are one of five villages, approximately 5,000 people.  Like most of rural Uganda, Bugira is not developed. The village has no infrastructure and no developed electricity. They had no running water until June 2019, when we were able to install water systems so that it was available to everyone.

Children remain the most vulnerable demographic in these rural communities, stuck in a never-ending cycle of poverty.

We have three different sponsor options:

  •  Our Orphan Sponsor Program ensures sustainable access to the basic needs of food, clothing, and medical care. The program also helps the families of these children and the local community by teaching and showing them how to get out of poverty. We currently have 54 children in the program. 

It costs $44/month (Feb-Dec) or $480/yr. to provide the sponsored child with basic needs. We do ask for a minimum of one year sponsorship as we do not want to get the hopes up of a child, only to not have provisions for them.

  •  Our Education Sponsor Program is a program based in a few different villages and is dependent on whether the children are enrolling in Primary Levels (elementary-middle school) or Secondary Levels (high school).

These fees cover lunch, teacher fees, school requirements, supplies, & Uniforms. 

  • Children (ages 2-13) $44/month 

  • Children (ages 14-18) $52/month

Calvary Christian School Sponsorship

  • Children from the village of Bugira (BBB's main campus location)

  • $42/month

  • Currently enrolling only Nursery through 5th grade

  • Children Available for sponsorship

Fill out the information below and let us know if you would like to interact with your child. Thank you so much for your generosity!

If you have any questions, contact Lily at, or through any of the social media platforms. 

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Thank you for stepping in beside us to change lives for generations to come!! God Bless You!

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