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Life Saving Moments

Medical care is one of the most crucial needs in rural areas such as the village of Bugira. We have over 5,000 population with the surrounding villages that have no access to basic medicine or care. We have thousands of malnourished children, hundreds with HIV and countless that simply are affected by hygiene issues. 

When we first started providing basic wound care and medicine, it was usually in different villages, where we'd travel, set up a table and provide the villagers with what we could. Whether it was downpour rain or hot scorching sun, we did our best to help with the little we had. 

We're so blessed that we now have a small building where we can provide the same care but in a safe, secure and sterile environment. We not only provide the physical aspect of basic wound care or medicine, but we are there to encourage, pray for and help lead people to a different way of life and healing. 

We have treated over 50,000 people in the last seven years. Whether it was or is infection control, dehydration, fire/car accidents, people born with handicaps, and so on, we stepped up and provided the care through medically trained local volunteers, or partnered local doctors.

We have truly seen and continue to see that even something as small as ulcer medicine or antibiotic ointment, truly change and save lives. It can be as simple as teaching people that water is important to drink. Nothing is ever lost out here. Every ounce of knowledge we share, makes an impact. Every donation counts.

Everything we provide is from donations. We are a FREE clinic. We don't charge as these people are too poor to be able to pay anything. We're not willing to let people suffer or die. We know God will provide. 

It costs us $2500-$4500/month to be able to have all the medicine needed to care fully for patients looking for help and pay for emergency or life threatening surgeries.

If you'd like to donate here specifically, you can through Zelle (,  or through VEMNO @ 1734.679.9777

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