Basic Necessities such as Water are needed to survive

Community Development in third world countries does not happen overnight. It takes perseverance, resources and time. It is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive Christlike impact.

Bugira is a village that had no water and still has no electricity. In May 2019, we were able to install water pipes and bring filtered National Water up to the villagers. In late 2019 and early 2020, we supplied (through donations) solar units to almost 200 families. They were beyond ecstatic! The villagers have never seen white people or received any help before Lily's arrival. It is untouched, but there's so much need and so much potential.

Clothing/Sanitary - Clothes, shoes, etc., are usually donated and handed out to families. Some volunteer groups will come and also buy and donate hygiene products as well.

Animals/Plants/Food - Depending on each group of volunteers, our village families have received:

chickens ($4-5), goats ($14), avocado trees ($2), beds ($42), mattresses ($25), blankets ($12), solar panels ($56), land (varies, usually about $1,120) and even homes for a family of average 6 ($4,000-$5,000) built just for them.

2018 - Missionary Campus and Medical Clinic were built.

The Campus Home is where our volunteers stay when they come out to help. The Clinic is where we provide Free care to thousands. 

Jan/Dec 2019 - Women's Workshop and Training Center

This workshop will equip women with the skills and resources to become educated, independent and self-reliant. 

May/June 2019 - Water Project

This project was an installation of 3,000 meters of pipe from National Water. It is accessible right to the center of the village. People are able to have water for cooking, drinking, bathing and so many other things.

March 2020 - Pentecostal Church 

The whole focus of our NGO is to spread the love of Christ and His gospel. No matter what earthy materialistic things we have, nothing will save us except a relationship with God. Having a church in place helps us tremendously.

November 2020 - Bugira Primary School $110-$120,000

The school will have 10 classrooms, starting with 3 nursery classes and up until Primary 7, which is technically the end of middle school back in the states. 

2021 - Home Away from Home $80,000

This project will be our sustaining factor. We are a nonprofit but we don't want to live off of just donations. We want to become self reliable so that the community impact is deeper. 

Our lodging, food and accommodation will truly be a home away from home for all our guests. It's income will not be for profit but to sustain the Clinic, School and future community development. The people here are poor and have a long ways to go before they can afford to have decent homes that are not mud huts.

This project will go so much further than sustaining our nonprofit and camp, but it will bring consistent employment for so many here. Along with employment will be chances of men and women being educated. They'll have the opportunities to even leave the village, the country, and become doctors, lawyers and so much more than they ever thought or dreamed possible. 

Contact us to learn more and how to get involved.


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