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Our Roots started with one person, me actually, :). Read more in my blog https://www.bbbministriesofuganda.com/post/founder-president-of-bbb-ministries.  You can also find blogs from the beginning of this journey. Read them and get a bit more insight into the adventure that has been and is ongoing! ~ Lily

BBB Ministries of Uganda knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2017, our Non-Profit Organization realized that by working together we could overcome obstacles much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch brave.Beautiful.BOLD Ministries of Uganda. 

It was time to make it our mission and give women and children a second chance at a better quality of life. To empower and teach sustainability so that each woman and child feel brave, beautiful, and bold enough in Christ, to stand up for themselves so that they create their own impact in their community.




Director of Marketing

Bio to come!


Campus Manager

I come from a very poor family in the village of Rusaki. I am one of six children, second oldest in the home. I grew up with an extremely abusive father and never really understood life to be different. My father has four other wives, so my mother and my siblings were cast aside all the time. We grew up in fear and always running to hide when we heard our fathers voice. Though our hiding didn't work, God helped us as we got older to learn how to stand up for ourselves. 

I worked very hard throughout all my school years, to be the first at everything. I wanted to be an Architect so that I could build my mother a sturdy home. 

I met Lily when I was in High school. My mother used to clean the compound for some of her fellow missionaries. She asked me one day if I spoke English, as she needed a translator, and I said yes! We eventually started working together doing village ministry through feeding programs and medical camps in the village I come from. We have provided aid to thousands, continually, and her unconditional love pushed me to dedicate my life to helping the poor in need as well. She has taught me that it's not about us, but about others around us that need to see and learn about Gods glorious blessings.


Church Leader & Coordinator

I am Ugandan by birth, aged 22. I came to believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 2012.

I am currently perusing a Bachelors in Social Work and Administration at Kabale University. My passion and purpose is being a blessing in the lives of others. 

Since early Feb 2019, I came to work at the BBB Ministries Campus as a teacher. It has been an amazing experience being part of the team and fully knowing the impact given to the locals on the ground, especially the children. 

I've been able to meet my purpose in life by Evangelizing through village ministry, teaching in the Women's Workshop and even getting involved in speaking to the men that work in construction. 

Living at this campus has taught me invaluable life experience and has begun preparing me for marriage and fatherhood. It has been an all encompassing journey thus far and I pray to continue it for as long as God allows.


Director of Finances

I'm a wife and mother of five beautiful children, with a love and passion of serving faithfully from behind the scenes.


Fundraising & Education Consultant

I studied English and Music at Wayne State University, and Secondary English Education at Eastern Michigan University. Education and philanthropy are my lifelong passions and I am excited to be part of not only educating others about the work here at BBB Ministries, but also about building bridges of trust and accountability between partners on the ground and those abroad.


Marketing Associate

My name is Alina Ilas. Just to share a bit about myself 🙂... I live in Farmington Hills, Michigan and I’m 20 years old. I am the eldest of four brothers and four sisters. I’m going into the career of Accounting. One of the things I love doing is sketching and observing the beautiful stars and planets in the night sky. 

Helping people is a passion of mine. The greatest blessing for me thus far was serving God through the mission work I did at the BBB Campus and Maria’s Workshop in May 2019. I work alongside Sara in helping promote and market merchandise handmade by the women in our Women’s Project and Ministry. I had the chance not only to meet these incredible women, but to physically work in the workshop, preparing a place for them to work in. My hope is to ensure that they get 100% of the profits from what they’ve labored for and have a second chance at a better life. 


Marketing Associate

​Hi there! My name is Sara Timoficiuc and I’m 20 yrs old. I am the second oldest of 13 children and I am currently in my second year of college studying Environmental Engineering. 

I’ve always wanted to help people since I was a little girl, whether thru mission trips or simply by offering a helping hand. After my first mission trip to the BBB Campus in May 2019, I found out there was this amazing opportunity to help even from the states. Lily asked if we wanted to volunteer and do marketing for the handmade merchandise by the women in her project. I jumped on the opportunity with my best friend, Alina Ilas and it has been many insightful weeks of coming up with ways to promote and market! It’s been an adventure like no other! 

My heart for these women goes beyond materialism. I had the unique chance of meeting each and every one of them. I got to meet their children and see their homes (or lack thereof). I got to play with their children and teach them the Macarena 🥰😅! I got to do life with them, even if it was for a short time. 

At the end of the day all we all want to do is aid the mission in any way possible. Through our actions Jesus can shine! 


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