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One Step at a Time

With our organization’s mission always in mind of helping women and their children, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with the challenge of the men as well.

In Uganda, it is very difficult to find good, decent hardworking men. Especially out in rural villages, majority of the men are drunks and abusive to their families. Without any education, or examples to follow it is one of the areas that is most difficult to change. It makes it worse because most are also unwilling to work hard or want to use their thinking skills.

When we started constructing our Missionary Home Campus and Medical Clinic in 2018, we searched and went through minimum 150 men. Trying to find those interested in changing their lives and learning a trade, mostly in Construction. We've been able and fortunate to say that 10 men are adequately now trained.

Our hope is that they continue to help us along with our projects of construction, whatever they may be.  But more so, that they create their own company and take what they've learned for free from volunteers, and apply it to change more lives. 

We have high hopes that these men can and are becoming better men, fathers, and role models. Help get involved in our Construction Projects and help sustain jobs for these men. 

Empowering Men: What We Do
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