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Commonly Asked Questions

Updated: May 13, 2019

Hey there folks! :)) Soooo, I've been so crazy busy these last few weeks. Prepping life to move to a third world country is not easy or simple, lets not even talk about the high running emotions or bursting into tears on random occasions! No one ever tells you how something that is so exciting can also be so chaotic.

I've had so many of those close to me ask me questions, and no matter who I'm meeting with they all seem to be the same. So here it goes, commonly asked questions in my life right now. I hope they shed light on this new adventure, and encourage you to be part of it. Though it may seem like an easy or simple thing, I promise it is nerve racking being an open book on social media. But nonetheless, I want to be as transparent and open as possible, so that you can all understand with certainty that I am genuine in all I'm hoping to be part of in Uganda.

  1. Why Africa? Well this is complex, but it really comes down to a desire I had over more than a decade ago to go to Africa one day. I hadn't planned on being a missionary, I just thought I'd go and visit. And I did go and visit, in 2012, and I fell in love with the people. I realized I've been so blessed with education, opportunities and talents that I could utilize to really make an impact in so many people's lives. Thus began the journey to where I'm at today. 

  2. What will you be doing? ~ Oversee Hope for Africa's Home Building Project out in different villages surrounding Kabale. That would consist of traveling out to the villages to oversee the financial aspects, purchases and the construction progress.    ~ Provide basic medical/wound and dental care there as well, when its necessary, wanted or needed ~ I'll be starting a Women's Project that is focused toward battered and abused women. God centered of course, but the basis will be to empower, teach and educate them on life skills, business ventures, and put into practice basics like time management, and utilizing resources to be productive, sufficient, and successful. The plan is to start a Souvenir shop where we would purchase sewing machines, and all necessary materials to create souvenirs to sell. Thus creating an environment where we can put into practice what I'll be teaching them and giving each of these women a chance for new beginnings. 

  3. Where will you live? Hopefully not in a hut, LOL! At this point I'm still in the process of searching for a place to live once I'm there. I have a friend that lives there, that is searching for an apartment for me, but I guess we'll all have to wait and see what how this all turns out. 

  4. How will you survive? Through prayer and financial support from churches, friends, and others who believe in what God is utilizing and doing through me. And probably by eating a lot of potatoes, LOL! Honestly, it is a walk of faith for me... so I'll let you know as I learn. 

  5. How long will you be there for? The plan is for one year, but I think it'll be longer... we shall see :)). You'll have to follow the adventure to find out ;) I hope this has been enjoyable and informative for you all :)). Please feel free to leave a comment, message and subscribe! More craziness is ahead, so brace yourselves! 

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