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Building the Church

For the last four months we’ve been working on a church building for the village of Bugira. One of the hardest things for me living in such a remote village in the mountains has been not being able to have a church home to worship in along with the community.

When I set out on this journey of fulfilling the calling I know God put on my life, I didn't think building an actual church would be part of it. But when I moved to such a remote village with literally nothing (no water, electricity, school, church and so on), I knew God had more in store for me than I had even imagined.

Being raised in a very strict and religious Pentecostal community, I have always been so fearful of stepping out of line with what is cultural, because I am female. I was raised that women are only meant to be mothers and wives. Our role was to be a care taker and that a job, or a position even within church, was only for men. Mind you I'm not posting this stating that I was or am looking for any such position, but to bring awareness to something I didn't grasp and understand because I was taught religion and not relationship with Christ.

I was recently reading the book Radical by David Platt and he says at one point, "When we consider the command of Christ for each of us to make disciples, we often conclude that not everyone is intended to be a teacher..We assume that teaching is a task relegated to only a few. But while we should certainly acknowledge and affirm gifted teachers given by God to the church, Jesus' command for us to make disciples envision a teaching role for all of us."

This really resonated with me and made me realize that I don't have to be behind a pulpit to share the gospel and disciple. But by building a church where we can gather together and worship God, and teach one another about the Gospel and how to live the life Christ calls us to, we can fulfill the greatest command Jesus gave us.

I pray that as you've read this, it has inspired you to look at what truly matters in the world we're living in today and take a stand to be involved in the work being done for the Kingdom. Whether it's where you're at or where I am, get up and make an impact. I was recently told that I am one person, and that I have no significance and will never bring about true change. To that person I respond with the following, you have no idea who Christ is and what He can do through me. Let's let our work, our finances, and our time be given to where it will count the most.

If you're interested in helping us finish our church in any way, feel free to reach out to me at or by donating directly through

Blessing to all,


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