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Helping Hands

I have been utilizing my time working with different organizations on the ground, different churches, and different villages. I will not waste my time while calamity is occurring in certain projects, but will continue using my talents, skills and provisions to help the people of Uganda no matter what because there truly is so much poverty and need. 

One of the organizations in particular that I’ve been working with is called Hope for Uganda Ministries. I was able to provide both medical and educational assistance to local missionaries, Tabita and Judith, already on the ground. We had different activities and biblical lessons with the teenagers on Saturdays, where they also started providing a hot meal as well for the children. I was privileged to be part of that as well.      We started a movie night where we do either a biblical, educational or fun movie, so that the teenagers have the chance to expand their knowledge beyond field work and poverty. Two Friday's ago we roasted peanuts as a snack for them and watched the movie Amazing Love. But as we were waiting for the sun to set so that we could actually see the movie, we played a game with the roasted peanuts. I threw them one by one to see who could catch them with their mouth and oh boy was that a blast for them! They had never thought of having so much fun with something they see and eat daily. They were amazing at catching them too! :) 


 Last Sunday we gave the children clothes and coats as the colder rainy season has started and it's one of the times of the year where the children, most if not all get sick. It was so great to see how much happiness something so simple as a piece of clothing could bring to a child, knowing this could possibly keep him or her from getting sick.


I'm so grateful for each and every one of you that have been part of my journey thus far and continue to be. I love you all dearly and wish I could hug each of you tightly! Since I can't, I'm sending lots of love mentally and praying blessings in abundance for each of you. Never forget that if I haven't forgotten your good deeds, neither will God on that glorious day he calls us home! ​Fell free to continue sending me comments, messages and life stories from back home.



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