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Keeping Your Word

  I'm so happy to finally have access to my blog and website!! I had to go to a different country (Rwanda), physically lol, but that's what you do when you just gotta share life and keep your promise! :D Would you go to a different country just to get access to your website and blog? Let me know ;)       August has been probably the most challenging month thus far here. I don't know if I've ever been more emotionally frustrated and physically exhausted as I am now. From Rainy season destroying roads and making it unmanageable to get up to the village, or getting up there and being stuck for days; to ordering windows and doors and not having them on time and it pouring inside your house, I've been wanting to just say I quit.....But then I look back to just 5 short months ago when we didn't have a foundation let alone a building or roof, and I am in AWE that God is in control of every moment, every season, every set-back and He is guiding me when I need guidance, loving me when I feel alone in this all, and giving me supernatural strength to keep going. I learn every day that I am more capable than even I believe or know.       I look around at all the thousands of people that have been impacted because of all the love and support of so many out there, giving to us through finances or prayers, coming out here to serve alongside us, and believing that we are not only sharing the Truth of the amazing God we serve, but that we are loving and leaning into their individual world of hurt, hunger, and longing. There is not a day where I don't meet someone that is in dire need of something, and when you live here it gets hard saying Yes to everyone, every time. It's a lot and it becomes so overwhelming. I've learned that it's ok and necessary to say No sometimes. It doesn't mean you'll never help that specific person, it just means you can't help them now.       I truly believe that people cross our paths for specific reasons. I don't always know that reason, but when I give my word, my YES, or my NO, I give it with every weight of the world, with responsibility, and acknowledging someone's existence and importance. When was the last time you gave your word about something to someone, and checked yourself to see if you kept it?       This season here lately has me on this path of learning to keep my word. Learning that we are responsible for every single thing spoken, whether we are cognitive of it or not. So as we go on with our daily lives, learn to check your promises (new and old), your oath, and/or whatever other WORD you gave to someone.

xoxo, ​Lily

P.S.      I'm hoping to bring you all another update soon. Because Uganda isn't allowing access to my Weebly account, please be patient with me. Check out our FB Page brave.Beautiful.BOLD Ministries of Uganda, I post there a lot more frequently and easily (videos, pictures, etc.). I'm truly honored you took the time to read my heart! Please know I always love hearing from you all too!

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