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Third Month in Uganda

Even though it's only been almost three months since I've moved to Uganda, it honestly feels like a year already. It’s been over a month since my last blog due to a few factors but a main one being the lack of quality internet. So since I don't know the next time I'll be able to have good internet to blog, please sit, grab some coffee or tea and maybe a snack, LOL, because this one is a long one. ​     Life unfortunately hasn’t gotten easier but I can say that God has been so gracious to put people in my life here that surround and support me in the most unexpected ways. I came with certainty that I had very grounded relationships with the local community, but it's eye opening to see how people's true characteristics come out when you live among them and find out who they truly are. But I'm so grateful I've made new missionary friends that I truly love and appreciate so much for their support here locally. At the hardest point of my life, I have truly seen what it means to see the true colors of people and the morals and ethics they have as human beings and Christians.

  I've been able to get in routine of a simpler life, one very different from back home. I miss Washington tremendously! I miss my home City Church, my friends and adopted family, I miss the beautiful city of Bellevue and where I used to live, but most of all I miss my darling dog Oliver and the only adopted grandma in my life, Mary Lou. I miss my family and friends from Michigan, and am still waking up daily trying to piece my heart and soul back together knowing a part of home will never be the same. I have to shout out to Ema Bercea, April Whiteman and my sister Angela for constantly being part of my life even though we’re so far apart. Adrianne P., I can never thank you enough for all your sacrifices of running around back in Bellevue and helping me from that end with all the things I need. I love you ladies oh so dearly! Ema Repta, Pat Whitacer, and Micah & Amy McCabe, thank you for your monthly blessings. You all will truly never know how far it goes here. 

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