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Uganda Weeks 3-4

Friends, THANK YOU so much for the out pour of love and encouragement lately! I feel so loved hearing from those that have personally messaged me. I love hearing about your lives back home too, so keep that coming! :D  So I thought my first two weeks were rough, but weeks 3-4 here became even more emotionally rough. You all know that I'm very transparent and honest, so this blog will be just that. Among the time spent getting to know Moses for 9 days, I've been extremely busy with my projects here as well.




As a Managing Director and Partner with Hope Radio here in Kabale, I've been able to do a lot of deep and detailed analysis and some implementations with the staff these last three weeks. As most of you know from the knowledge I'd shared with you before leaving home, the Radio had gotten to a place that was not considered successful on numerous levels. So through different business/ marketing approaches and leadership skills, I am hoping that as time goes on we are able to get to a standard different then what has been in place. Thus far I've had fun and not so fun moments, but I'm already seeing a difference in the staff. Their joy and passion has returned, and we're actually laughing and having fun at work! Time will only tell the end results, ​but I am hopeful! ​Week 4 I started some interior remodeling as well, so more pictures will be on the next blog as  I'm not done yet, but here's one to peek your interest ;) 


I'm so thankful for God's provisions, even with having another female missionary here on the ground. Dana is this amazing God fearing woman that loves her children, her husband Florin, and truly loves the community of Kabale. I've been fortunate that we've been able to put our financial resources and our creative minds together to make an impact here locally in Kabale, even though we work with two separate Missionary Organizations.        So through a bit of research we found that Kabale Town is actually surround by three major mountains and each one has its own significance. One is where all the poor live, one for all the rich and one for the middle class. Well, Dana, her kids, and I went out to visit about 25 of these numerous families these last two weeks. These people are maybe about 15 minutes away from town, but live in just as bad conditions as if they were out in further villages. We were able to give them rice, posho, beans, salt, sugar, soap, sanitary pads for the women, and some baby clothes .       These families vary in size anywhere from 2 to 8 children. Some have parents and some don't, but they look to help and take care of each other. They are mostly of the Anglican Catholic faith, but are truly special people that were so grateful and thankful. We went with no other intention then to show them the love of Jesus Christ, and to let them know that God has not forgotten them. He knows who they each are and loves them more than they even know.        Honestly, to feed these 25 families thus far has cost about $100-$150. It's another big blessing that the US dollar has a great value here in Uganda now, allowing us to stretch it to it's maximum. Because children here are staring school on Monday, we will not be able to go weekly, as we have, but we will try to do this on a monthly basis. As different needs arise, I will let you all know, for those that want to continue being part of it. 



I had Moses living with me for 9 days, before the people I trusted the most to set things in motion for me to continue the foster & adoption process here, completely blindsided me. Details were slowing starting to come to light with other projects and financial issues, so to me Moses was and is being used as leverage. It is extremely unfortunate that I have not been able to meet with the Probation Officer here in Kabale, because these certain people have blocked that door and have already fed the Probation Officer negative information about me. BUT as I told most of you that I would truly let you in on this journey I'm on, and how it all progresses, well this is part of it folks.       Does it hurt? YES! I truly and genuinely LOVE Moses and have prepared so much for him right now to have a better life. Is it disappointing to know you've given so much up just to have more taken away? YES! Did I think I'd face such adversity from the beginning? NO! Because I trusted these certain people and they completely blindsided me. Do I know without certainty that Moses is meant to be with me? YES! BUT only with time, money, energy, emotions, loss, bravery, boldness, and tenacity will I truly find out. Is his life worth all this heartache and chaos? YES!        I've heard and read so many stories of adoption, and the emotional hardships it comes with. And though I've always known having adopted children would be part of my life, I never truly understood the ache of having that burden of adoption on your heart until now What makes it worse are the adults involved that make it unnecessarily hard for personal reasons and gains.


As for my other project with the international program for women and the souvenir shop; that will come to life once other current matters have calmed down a bit  and things are routine. I'm oh so thankful for each of you that have continued to pray for God's WILL to be done, with my time, projects, and Moses. I will forever be grateful!! ​

​XOXO - Lily


Bahahahahha!!! I came across this picture and it not only me cry-laugh, but it's so true. Culturally here in Uganda, people do not know anything about 'Personal Space'. They hover and are physically touching you, whether you're in line at the store, bank or simply walking down the street. I just had to share with you all, in case your love language is "Touch" and you want to experience that first hand here in Uganda :D!! 

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