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Hi friends! Welcome!! After so many requests, I decided to finally start a blog and invite you all into really precious moments of my life. There are so many that have occurred and so many more to come!! I am currently in the process of getting ready for my missionary leave in January 2017. I'll be moving to Uganda, Africa for a year or longer. I've visited Uganda on several mission trips for a month at a time, but this will be my first time living there long term. 

In the months to follow you'll learn more about me, where I come from, and how Africa came about. You'll have the chance to see a third world country through the eyes of a simple American/Romanian gal who loves to serve and give. You'll have the chance to encourage, inspire and support me and so many others that will be impacted by this blog. I hope you can all join me in the fun, laughter, tears, hardships and joy that are to come!

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